We are a recognized and designated IRS 501C3 Non Profit Charitable Organization.

Our Mission is to save Shelter dogs, Abandoned dogs, Street dogs, Abused and Neglected dogs, one dog at a time, with a concentration on the High Kills Shelters of Southern California without the need for long term boarding once they leave the Shelter System. All of our dogs are currently in Foster Homes. We are active partners with the Heigl Foundation, and Best Friends Animal Society. Paw Protectors Rescue will provide the dogs the Medical Attention they need, help to rehabilitate and train the one's needing rehabilitation and training, love, nurture and encourage the dogs that never have known compassion and empathy with the end result of finding and providing permanent, loving homes for Mans Best Friend! Paw Protectors Rescue is also dedicated to educating the public on the consequences of abandoning, giving up, and turning animals in to the Shelter System. We promote and advocate for spay and neutering, responsible pet parenting and turning not only the LA Animal Shelter System into No-Kill Shelters but a No-Kill Nation. Though there are many responsible and reputable rescues out there, the sheer number of animals entering our shelters on a daily basis is truly heartbreaking, shocking and overwhelming we were created to do our best to help alleviate the problem of overcrowding in California's Shelter System and help rescue and save the lives of Shelter dogs or any dog that needs Paw Protectors Rescue help, one dog at a time! Until all the cages are Empty, We are Never gonna Stop, Never gonna Stop!

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